Peripheral Neuropathy and Kidney Disease

I recently tuned in for a webinar based around the effects of exercise and peripheral neuropthy from Diabetes as well as Kidney Disease.

The Webinar was very informative and had the evidence to back up what we already know - Exercise is definitly recommended for both of these conditions.

Patients with peripheral neurapathy can experience a variety of symptoms, particularly in their feet. The condition can lead to a lack of sensation in a patients lower extremities, which can lead to all sorts of complications such as: - Lack of circulation - Decline in Balance = increase of falls risk - Sores and wounds on feet that patient may be unaware of - Decreased healing ability in affected areas - Pain with weight bearing

- Sleep interruptions

By incorporating exercise with an exercise physiologist of part of a patients management plan for these conditions, it can see improvements with lower limb strength and balance, which leads to improved quality of life and increased ability for functional movements, as well as lowering their falls risk due to increased proprioception.

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